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Many people prioritize family, happiness, health, or a sense of purpose in their lives. While money may not rank at the top of that list, it has an impact on every aspect of your life and can provide you with financial security and stability. Unfortunately, managing money frequently leads to worry and tension. This is why a financial advisor can have such a significant role in a person’s life, establishing a long-term connection and offering dependable advice. 

But how do you find an advisor you can trust and who you want to work with for the long haul? At Mission Critical FPI, we understand that navigating this process can seem overwhelming and intimidating. Allowing someone to manage your hard-earned money is not something to be taken lightly. Having this in mind, we are pleased to continue helping more and more families and individuals who partner with us to build their financial futures. A great deal of value is placed on our clients, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve the people who mean the most to them, too. We are always happy to connect with and learn more about new clients who can benefit from what we have to offer. We value your referrals and consider them an integral part of our growth.

What Makes Us Different

Fortunately, we have been able to work with a wide range of clients who refer their friends and family to us. Several reasons may account for why people have referred others to us:

1. Individualized attention

We understand that no two people’s financial planning requirements will be the same, which is why we build a strategy specifically tailored to your objectives. We devote time to outlining a unique approach based on your specific wishes, goals, and circumstances.

2. Solid Relationships

We place a high value on a hands-on client-centered approach, which has resulted in numerous long-term relationships with our clients. We’re delighted to be a go-to resource and support system for anyone who needs assistance or is facing a difficult decision.

3. Knowledgable Assistance

Since we’re an independent company, we aren’t bound by sales quotas or proprietary products. With first-rate technology tools at our fingertips, we have the freedom to provide advice and gain access to hundreds of global strategic partnerships.

4. Simplicity is Key

Managing finances can be challenging. We offer a simple, relaxed process coupled with a disciplined, comprehensive approach so that you can be confident that you will achieve your goals.

5. Straightforward Fees

We are fee-based and our fees are transparent; we usually charge a percentage of assets under management. Our firm uses this structure rather than commission-based products for investments, which puts us on the same side of the table with the same incentive: growing and preserving your assets.

Who is the ideal candidate to work with us and have the mindset to reach their goals?

Clients who appreciate our services most fall into two major categories:

A. They serve in the military or have previously. They have the skills to make judgments. They know how to act and what feels correct. They earn a decent living with substantial military benefits but must change locations frequently. They value adaptability and agility because they know that often things happen at inconvenient times (such as during deployment). They’ve had military training that has allowed them to gain job experience, start their own business, or climb the corporate ladder.

B. They are the owner of a business. Whether it’s focusing on how to acquire or develop the necessary talent, or improving their craft, they face challenges every day and must act promptly to overcome difficulties. They are aware of the implications of a business decision on their finances, and they are concerned that one may influence the other. The majority of their wealth is likely invested in their company. To begin achieving their financial objectives without jeopardizing the company’s stability, they must simplify all of the moving elements. Regardless of their circumstances, family is important to them and they are working hard to ensure that they are well-cared for. They’re doing the best they can with their money and finances, but they know it won’t get them where they want to be. Regardless of whether they received advice or did it themselves, there is at least one aspect of the plan that needs adjustment! Perhaps they are just too busy with work, family, or other responsibilities to keep up with the ever-changing world of finance.

But, they are serious, determined, and want to take action to fix their financial plan! They must get their finances in order so that they may live out their dreams and aspirations! They want to be confident that they can exit the business, will not run out of money, or protect their family and the business if they should pass away too early.

What should you expect from our first meeting?


Do You Have a Friend or Family Member Who Could Benefit from Our Services? One of the reasons we limit ourselves to a select number of clients is so that we can give personalized care and attention to each client family. We’re open to any questions you may have about your portfolio or financial plan. We’re here to assist you when you achieve a new life milestone, financial challenge, or transition. We’ll always be ready if you have a friend or family member who needs assistance or advice. If you’ve been a customer of ours and have had a good experience working with us, we hope you’ll introduce someone to me. Please forward this article to them and ask them to contact us at (757) 349-1040 or J.Geraci@MissionCriticalFPI.com for a no-obligation consultation.

About the Author

  • Jeff Geraci

    Jeff Geraci grew up all over the world in a military family, and spent 5 years on active duty. While serving, he felt the tug between planning for financial independence with a limited income, and an all-consuming job. That’s when he decided that with a financial plan and a mentor, a service member could be successful in his career and finances! Military members are decisive, family-oriented, and really too busy to keep up with the changing financial world: the psychographics matched, people with military experience were an ideal community to serve!

Jeff Geraci

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