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Global events often scare investors out of the market. This volatility leads to greater market instability that further rattles prices and nerves. But is taking a greater cash position the best course of action?

Watch our video to find out how reactions to headlines rather than the events themselves affect portfolios.

The best market days often occur on the heels of bear markets. Unfortunately, many investors miss those market rallies because they sold when prices were still high. By the time they put their money back in the market, it’s too late! So, what happens if you consistently miss the best days? Watch our video to find out!
Occasionally, you may feel the urge to invest in ‘the next big thing.’ When you do that though, you’re putting your savings at great risk. Watch our latest video to discover the importance of staying in your investing lane!
Kaizen uses Life Insurance to grow TAX-FREE cash value that will NEVER LOSE money in the market. Why Life Insurance? Watch the video below to find out how Kaizen works!
Watch how Stephanie used the Kaizen strategy to invest $66,850 a year for 5 years and end up with $5,216,506 for retirement!
Kaizen uses leverage to triple your ability to save money. Just like you take out a mortgage to buy a bigger house, Kaizen takes a loan from the bank to help you grow more money for retirement. Watch this video to learn how to TRIPLE your retirement savings!

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