We want to help you achieve a long and successful retirement with customized plans tailored to your needs, dreams, and desires. We can create a tax-optimized cash flow based on your IRA, 401(K), Social Security, and any other income streams you expect to possess in retirement.  


As fiduciary financial advisors, we constantly seek the finest, most tax-efficient investment products based on your personal risk profile that will carry you to and through retirement. Our diversified portfolios are designed to maximize long-term gains and reduce exposure to market volatility. 


As you age, your investment horizon shortens, and your risk profile changes. We carefully analyze and rebalance your investment portfolio, shifting to more conservative approaches as you near retirement.


When you retire, you have a finite portfolio that must last you for the rest of your life. Every dollar counts! That’s why we take action now, through Roth IRA/401(K) conversion strategies and other methods to reduce your lifetime tax bill and keep you in a lower tax bracket.  


Who is the best fit for working with us and the mindset you need to hit your goals?

A. You’re in the military or have been before. You know how to make decisions. You know how to take action and what looks and feels right. You make decent money, maybe moving around every three years, and things usually happen during a deployment or the next most inconvenient time. You need a financial advisor who understands what you’re going through because they have also gone through it. 

Or you’ve separated from services or retired. You work for a contractor, started your own business, or have climbed the corporate ladder using the skills and discipline the military taught you.

As a member of our Armed Forces, you have access to unique savings programs that can accelerate your ability to retire younger and wealthier. We help veterans fully utilize these programs with our extensive knowledge of government programs. 

B. You own a business and whether it’s focusing on how to grow, hiring the right type of people, or perfecting your craft, you face challenges every day and need to take decisive action to overcome hurdles.

Your personal finances are closely linked with your business and you recognize that a decision regarding one could impact the other. It is very common for a majority of your personal wealth to be tied up in your company. You need to simplify all the moving parts to begin achieving your own financial goals without jeopardizing the stability of the business.

Regardless of your situation, family is important to you, and you are trying to ensure you do everything in your power to take care of them. You’re doing the best you can with your budget and finances, but realize it isn’t going to get you where you need to be. You want a successful retirement, one in which you can spend time with your family, travel, and live comfortably without having to worry about running out of money or sacrificing your lifestyle. 

Whether you’re getting guidance from a financial advisor already or doing it on your own, some aspect of your retirement plan is UNSAT! Maybe you are just too darn busy with work, family, or serving to keep up with the fluid world of finances as well.

But you are serious and decisive and want to take corrective action to get your financial plan in order! It’s Mission Critical you align your financial plan with your dreams and aspirations! You want a plan you have confidence in, and you know whether you live too long or die too soon, you will not run out of money, and your family will be taken care of!

Confidence in your investment portfolio is critical because plans never work out like they were briefed! Life happens, and you need a portfolio flexible to changing financial outlooks and life goals!

Check out our mission statement to see if our visions are aligned. Then contact us to improve your situation today!



Never heard of us?

Mission Critical FPI Virginia Beach financial advisors are incredibly passionate about providing personalized financial advice and analytical plans to decisive, motivated families in Virginia Beach and beyond to create or significantly increase their confidence in their comprehensive financial plans.

We Understand Client Needs

Our financial advisors work to thoroughly understand you, the client, your current financial situation, your budget, goals, risk tolerance, estate plans, tax bracket, hopes, and dreams.

We Put Client Interests First

We are a fiduciary, putting your interests above ours when we develop your written financial plans with cutting-edge fintech software.

We Have Integrity

We tell the truth about the situation and what actions are needed to achieve the stated goals. We explain any conflicts of interest and what fees you will pay.

We Build Relationships

We foster a win-win relationship and recognize the client makes the final decisions on the courses of action. We have fun and build trust by doing what we say we will.


Our process
We want to understand you and what you want to accomplish. To do that, we will collect all your data on where you are financially and how you got there. Then, we will take you through a process to determine what you want to happen should tragedy strike soon or if you’re in jeopardy of longevity risk!
We use software to not only assess things like risk but also to allow us both to see, strategize, project and plan to give you the information necessary to make informed decisions. We use math and assumptions, so your plan and recommendations are based on logic — then we apply emotion.
We expect an adult relationship so we can talk about anything and know that our intent is always win-win! Our fees are based on the scope of the work and the service model. Again, with a win-win mentality so we make money when you make money!
Implementing the plan is key, and we handle all the paperwork and logistics to make it easy for you to get and keep everything straight. Of course, reviews are imperative as changes occur and your investment horizon shortens!
We are also proactive when the rules of the game change or the market acts irrationally. We reach out to advise and get you back on course!

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Understand Where You Are

We look at the whole picture and how you got there!

Strategize, Project, and Plan

We use cutting-edge financial software to aid in logical investment plans, then apply emotion!

A Win-Win Approach

We ensure the decisions we help you make are mutually beneficial!

We Implement the Plan

We handle all the logistics to keep everything straight and easy to understand!

We're Proactive

We follow up with and review plans proactively to rebalance your portfolio and adjust your overall financial plan as necessary!


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