Maximizing Your 401k in a Volatile Market

max trying to maximize his 401(K)
 Maximizing the potential of your 401k amidst market volatility may seem daunting, but you can achieve it by employing shrewd investing methods. In this article,

Military Pay is Going Up in 2023!

As a financial advisor and former military member, I am always looking for ways to help my fellow service members achieve their financial goals and build solid financial plans for their future. That’s why I was excited to hear about

How to build a retirement safety net

There is a famous picture from 1932 of steelworkers eating lunch atop a skyscraper. I’m sure you’ve seen it in a history book at one point in your life. It shows eleven men perched on an iron beam, eating and

How to protect your savings from inflation in 2023

Inflation can quickly erode the buying power of your hard-earned money. To stay ahead of inflation in 2023, you’ll need to employ a plan that can help you protect your finances and grow your wealth. Here are some effective tactics

How inflation affects retirement

An oft-repeated anecdote by members of our older generations is how much it used to cost to go to the movie theater. The ticket was a dollar, popcorn was 20 cents, a hotdog 50 cents, and the whole evening out

Americans aren’t saving enough money

By the time you get to retirement age, you want to have as much saved up as possible. Unfortunately, Americans just aren’t hitting their savings objectives. It’s complicated because you don’t know how long you will live, what the tax

Should Virginians convert to Roth?

I was breaking a sweat on the treadmill at my favorite gym in Virginia Beach last week (the Hilltop Orange Theory Fitness next to Chick-fil-A, which I definitely didn’t go to afterward) when I overheard some guys expressing dismay about

Veteran Taxes in Virginia Beach

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more patriotic group of people than us here in Virginia. Maybe it’s because of our enormous Naval Station Norfolk, our Virginia War Museum, or the fact that more American presidents have been born

Where is the best place to retire? Virginia Beach!

One of the most critical questions any soon-to-be retiree must ask is, “Where is the best place to retire?” Those living in more expensive parts of the country may want to utilize ‘location arbitrage,’ which is when you take advantage

How to accelerate your ability to save for retirement

According to data from the most recent Federal Reserve Study of Consumer Finances (2019), Americans between the age of 55-64 have on average $134,000 in retirement savings. The average retirement lasts 18 years, which only leaves about $7,500 per year

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